Ten Must do Experiences and Romantic Evening Ideas in London

1.  River cruise. Not on the Thames as you would think. But on a canal. Very pleasing and exciting experience for water lovers. As the boat are relatively small and low-sited, you feel the connection with nature (just close enough :) ) It is a nice place to cuddle and simply be silent and listen to each other’s heartbeat.The cruises run from Camden Town or Paddington for 1 hours. Don’t miss it while it is still summer outside.

london canal.jpg

2. Continuing water topic – Pedalos must be the most amazing way to spend a sunny day in London. You can enjoy some privacy wondering around the park lake, lazy pedalling and enjoying the view. They are available in Hyde park and Regents park

pedalos london hyde park.JPG

3. If you don’t like water, you can stay out of it and enjoy it from the side, taking a cycling tour along London canals, starting from Thames in Wapping area, going direction Limehouse, and then to Stratford. Be sure to see lots of hidden and interesting places on the way. Water might be slightly green J but it tinctures the adventure with unique authenticity!

london canal cycle tour

4. Moving on to the evening activities, I cannot skip thousands of bars and restaurants for lovers available in London. I haven’t yet been to all of them, but I am getting there J Even though, it is hard to pick one. I liked this place Nightjar for Jazz music, pleasant relaxing atmosphere and incredible choice of cocktails!

London nightjar jazz

5. For Jazz and other rather classic music fans – you can have a look at what’s on in St. Martin  church – basement in there looks more like a canteen, but with nice food and wine, and a big variety of music evenings to choose from.


6. Another music and bar is Wilton’s music hall – a rather hidden building in East London (close to Tower Hill) has music nights from creative artists of all sorts 

7. Zoo Late. Have you ever had a fun night at the Zoo? Usually you only have a chance to visit Zoo during the day, sharing experience with lots of happy (screaming) kids! While now it is available till late night! Offering drinks, food, and a possibility not only to see the tiger, but to look like one yourself!

late zoo night happy couple 2.JPG

 Yes, that’s us and yes, we look ridiculous! :) But who cares.

8. Salsa Dancing. There are plenty of schools in London and even more clubs that offer salsa nights. We dance at Loco London Salsa and find it amazing and very joyful experience, as well as going to Rueda in the Hyde park. Open air salsa dancing, summer style! Why not!?


9. Burlesque show. South bank is always a place to be, especially in summer. Particularly nice in the evening with the street lights on and various shows going on.



10. Limousine night. I had talked about it earlier. It is an amazing and veeeery romantic time spending in a big city!


Enjoy! Let me know if you have any other intriguing adventures in mind! :)

Olga happycoupleuk.com

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