Lazy weekend at home


In a daily busy routine, we all have times when we just “don’t feel like doing anything”! This weekend seems to be one of those. We spent pretty much whole two days at home at the sofa or in the kitchen (my favourite place), and time somehow flew away. Here we go – tomorrow is Monday and we should come back to reality. I was about to start blaming myself for not doing anything important or valuable for future when my husband said – What a nice weekend we had, hadn’t we! My reaction was – what? Seriously? He said – yeah, we relaxed and enjoyed time with each other, isn’t it what supposed to matter.

Good point, I shall say. I thought about it for a moment and realised that’s he is right. We had very good, I would call it “quality” time together. We cooked together, which doesn’t happen too often, we enjoyed our meal, watched a silly movie, and laughed a lot just about nothing. Isn’t it what’s called happiness? The problem is we always try to find reasons to be unhappy, to think about unfinished work, or a life mission not completed and many many other things that pop up in our restless minds. But the truth is we need to relax, recharge our batteries and start a new day full of energy and optimism about the future. We need some little reminders to ourselves how good it is to be in relationship, to have a truly loving partner and take care of each other. In this too quick life tempo we have to stop for a moment, look around and be grateful for everything we have, for love, joy and true happiness!

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