SPA weekend


What else can be so relaxing and recovering like a couple of days in the SPA.  Long weekend is more than suitable for this. Last weekend my husband and I decided to treat ourselves, switch off the daily routine and enjoy each other. The easiest way to do so is to go away – somewhere where the pressure of usual problems has no power. We chose a SPA resort package for couples – two days, one night, including massage for two and dinner. The place was just perfectly far from the city. One hour away it is based close to the seaside – in a very naturally rich area. Taking into account we’ve been living here for a few years – we have not seen the coast yet :) So it was a perfect occasion to check it out.

We were pleasantly surprised by a cozy little town Clacton and surrounding areas. A park in our SPA hotel is just fantastic, a very peaceful and romantic place. Being away from the people and noisy flutter makes you feel alive like never before, it reminds us of our true selves, otherwise lost in the business of life.

Evening was perfectly planned with a glass of prosecco following by a dinner in an elegant and welcoming restaurant. It is worth to mention an hour of effort from my side to look not just good, but stunning! Obviously my husband looked good as well as he always does :) but somehow it takes him five times as less time as me.

Well, my specially brought dress, high heels and make-up were very appreciated not to say more!

We need to remember about those little things. They do make a difference. Of course, we both want to relax and the easiest would be to walk around wearing shorts and flip-flops… But it is not what romance is about. To get that sparkle between you back and feel like at the first date – this is what we should be expecting from each other. Therefore looking like at the first date is also important :) It will be well paid off…

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