Who is right?


It is by far the most popular couple’s conversation topic. Whatever you started with, whatever your discussion is – you finally find yourselves being caught in the “Who is right” loop. Most probably it is a very familiar situation for many couples. More often than not it might grow to a serious argument. I’ve seen this happened many times and it is sad to notice. Then you might not talk to each other for a few hours, after which things get back to normal and you forget why you had a fight at first place. Here is the main point – it was not important. If it was – you’d return to it or remember it for a while. Too often these conversations are about least significant things in your life like who came first in X-factor or that window in the kitchen opens outside and not the other way around and so on and so forth. At the moment of argument it seems so vital to prove your point. You might even try too hard, bringing in other situations from life where your partner failed, by which you hurt him or her even more. Why don’t you stop here and take a deep breath. Come back and think about the reason one more time. Don’t you find it absurd trying to prove your girlfriend that Toyota is faster than Mercedes… Or trying to dispute her opinion of high heel shoes she bought the other day… Here is the truth – it doesn’t matter! It simply doesn’t… You can laugh about it together and forget it forever. Enjoy the rest of your evening, have fun together and deep in your mind you can keep that silly thought “I knew I was right!” :) In the end of the day what matters is who you go to bed with and who you share the first smile with in the morning!

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