A little dream of mine

Here it is – a nice sunny picture in my head of me and my partner sitting somewhere in a nice little café, maybe in Italy, drinking wine, eating pasta and chatting about how beautiful the life is. It came to my mind so many times that I cannot resist it any more. It is a dream of never ending holiday, of just doing whatever you like in life and having no obligations. It is about freedom of mind, free from the stress and usual routines, about travelling anywhere and anytime you wish, about the beauty of undiscovered and furthest places in the world. Most importantly it is about enjoying yourself, finding your true purpose and sharing your individuality with the world. It is so nice to run away from the daily problems and find yourself in the ongoing adventure where there is no place for boredom and tiredness, where enthusiasm and courage dominate the world, where no one is upset or frustrated, where friends are always welcoming and supportive, where laughter resounds from every corner and celebration never ends. This is a kind of life worth living, where we thrive and value who we are and what we can share with the world, where our uniqueness or skills can help others to achieve their heights. In this life where we are our perfect selves, fulfilled and open-minded, ready to deal with any challenge coming our way, and accept it as a gift and not a burden, where we know our true meaning and make only the right choices.

This is a dream of mine surrounded by happy people in the little café… It might only exist in my mind, but I honestly believe I will find myself there one day.


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