How to Create More Festive Moments in Your Life

As of majority of working people, our lifestyle is pretty usual – 5 working days, 2 – for relaxing, and again from the beginning. Of course, we have 25 days of annual holiday, when we go wild and make sure we relax enough to last till the next one!What else remains? Birthday celebrations, that’s twice a year, our wedding anniversary, another two days (as we had two weddings – luckily! :)). This adds up to 4 days a year, out of 365, that’s pretty boring. And I almost forgot about Christmas and New Year. Another two days. Well, 6 out of 365 doesn’t make it sound any better. We need more occasions to go out, to dress up, to do something out of range, and especially to give presents to each other (that’s my favorite one). In fact, when you think about it - it doesn’t require a lot of effort to make our grey days more colorful!

That’s why we tend to create our own occasions out of everything. Here we need some analysis – what’s made our life as happy as is it now! What happened on the way that brought us exactly where we wanted to be (or... at least half way there)! All these tiny steps cannot remain unattended, they are worth remembering and should remind us of the true values in our lives.

I wanted to share a few of our “special” occasions:

    • First date that officially never happened, as we met in the night club and appeared to be 1000 miles away from each other the next day (a separate story worth having a laugh about sometimes)
    • Our move to London. What a huge project it was! How happy we were to finally land here in the end of a 4 month race with obstacles! It was an important step in our life, so we will remember it forever, or at least until anything as extraordinary happens! Like a child birth, for example :)
5 years london
5 years london
  • Recently I started a new job. I believe this one is included in everyone’s list :) as you must have changed your job at least once! Obviously, I am not suggesting changing your job any time you need a celebration. But if nothing else, you can re-focus your on 1 year at the job or 10 years and so on, or getting a promotion (though doesn’t happen that often these days...)
  • A good mood on Friday night – is very important as a good start of the weekend, something to be happy about. On such days we like ordering sushi take away, making a big laying area in the living room with lots of pillows and blankets, turning on some pleasant music and light up some candles. Then we can lay like this for hours, talking and laughing together, forgetting about the stress of working week and getting ready for the weekend!

And the list should never end... Every day is special in a way, and there is no reason why not to benefit from it. Making your partner’s face lighten up from happiness is your ultimate mission in this world. So, why not start right now!

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