What not to Miss this Festive Season!

These days we start seeing Christmas lights way too early, most of them being set up in October. This is when it usually hits us, that the year is nearly ended and we begin working twice as hard to finish everything we were supposed to have done since January.

Then a couple of weeks later Christmas shopping offers begin. And this is where we lose ourselves… buying presents, house decorations, sweets for children and on and on… Some people even buy a Christmas tree a month ahead and store in the garage, only to have the best one and be the most prepared when the rush of last few festive days kicks in.

I usually manage to stay away from all this for relatively long, but this year Raff and I went to Austria, for completely non-Christmas related reason – to celebrate his mom’s birthday! :) While being there, it appeared to be the opening weekend of Christmas market, on 20th of November... more than one month before Christmas! But never mind! :) At least for us it turned out to be a weekend of “first” everything – first Christmas market in Austria (for me), first snow, first ever "Topfenknoedel" (again for me :))! And all in all it was fantastic! The decorations in a little Austrian city Gmunden can make a good competition to London ones. They are very beautiful, looking like in a true fairy-tale! Combined with the snow... I even didn't need a photoshop for these photos! Just pretty as it is!

Having an unexpected experience like this, just reminded me of finding the joy in everyday life. Enjoying the moment now, and not rushing into the future, it will come very fast anyway. When paying attention to NOW, we might spot little miracles everywhere, just don't miss them! They are all around you every day, in smiling faces of your loved ones, in greetings of your neighbours, in the beauty of the city you live in. You live a dream every day, just stop for a moment to notice it, accept it, and continue the journey with gratitude in your heart! Think about what were your miracles today?

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