Allowing Little Surprises and Big Dreams to Come True


Raff and I have always been of an opinion that life is there for joy and pleasure and not for stress and frustration. To be completely honest, Raff has lived by this principle all his life, but I have only learnt from him in the recent couple of years. Apparently, life appears to be much easier than I’d always imagined, and living in ”today” is not such a bad habit in the end. I am not saying we don’t care about the future, even the opposite – we plan more accurately than ever and make everything we want happen, while avoiding anxiety and fear of disappointment.

I used to think life was unfair when I didn’t have everything I desired right there and then. While now I know that I am already doing everything to get that what I want, therefore I don’t need to worry, because I will definitely get there one day, just need some patience.

Applying this approach to life, we like making our married life more fun and adventure, we try to make sure each of us receives what he likes the most (or as least 4 times a week if you know what I mean :) ). Sometimes compromise is easy to find, but at times, we might need to try harder.


Our recent trip to Rome proved to be a great deal for both of us. We planned it a few months in advance and I was so looking forward to it, or better say we both were looking forward, but just to two different things. Raff was getting what he likes most – plenty of Italian wine and food, and I had to go to my favourite Italian band’s concert and practice Italian language.


It was a very short 2 days trip, that’s why we agreed on all the places we would go to and how we’d spend our time and, as the result, we both got the most out of this trip! Even though slightly tiring, it was a fantastic dream coming true and we are happy we allow such mini-breaks from the usual environment, because it makes life what it is – variety, freedom, amusement and discovery.

What about 150 flavours of an ice-cream! :)


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