Effective Ways to Cheer Up After a Bad Day at Work

Bad Mood
Bad Mood

I came home in a bad mood! It was one of those absolutely terrible and busy days at work that made me so exhausted. The evening ahead didn’t look promising! What am I supposed to do? Does it happen to everybody or am I the only one having bad days? As per stereotype the typical scenario is – put on my pyjama, sit in front of a TV with a big bowl of snacks and watch some romantic movie – and maybe cry (as I always do, even on happy ending). But no, this is not my case at all. I would, instead, scream and shout at everyone around me, which obviously lowers their mood, but doesn’t make me any happier… Then I would be sitting around angry and wondering why the whole world is against me!

Sounds horrible, right? It doesn’t always have to be this way and clearly it is up to me to change it. So, I decided to apply some of my professional skills to a personal life and analyse the situation. I have to find a better solution.

So what do we do to uplift our mood!?

As I recently heard at the brilliant talk from Deborah Frances-White (coach and comedian) – “You’ll get over it!” And seriously, think about any problem we have, any issue we come across – sooner or later they disappear and no longer bother us. Why not to stop worrying right now. Whatever it is – “You’ll get over it!” Now I always keep it in mind whenever angry or anxious about anything – “I’ll get over it!” On another hand, we need to realize that thinking is not an independent unstoppable force, but something we do to ourselves! We own our thoughts, therefore we are in charge of changing them. It is hard to stop thinking completely, but changing the flow of your thoughts to the right direction is a different matter. You can use a few tricks to do so.

  • What about some activity!? Look, I am not saying that picking up a bowl of an ice-cream and staring at the TV screen is bad! And at times it might be the best solution. But remember about the calories! Instead go for a run (it is a hard one, but always works!), or do a couple of exercises at home. It will boost your energy level and let you enjoy the rest of the evening with your partner! Well, unless he is in a bad mood too. Then you’ll need another set of tricks…
  • Remember your favourite music!? Turn it on! Start dancing in front of the mirror, do a few silly moves, concentrate on the music and follow your reflection. This one always works for me.
  • Maybe it is time to review your closet!? Wear something unusual tonight. Give up a comfy home style, make it a bit frisky or experiment with some old pieces you haven’t worn for years. Trust me, it wouldn’t come unnoticed! We all love compliments, aren’t we?
Photo Credit:  Clyde Robinson
Photo Credit: Clyde Robinson
  • Love receiving presents!? What about buying them? If you are not in the mood – the best thing to do is to make someone happy! You will get lots of positive emotions in return. A present might be as simple as a new pair of socks, or a new beer mug, or even beer itself (my case)! Whatever it is your partners preferences, they will appreciate you care. And this is what matters the most in the relationship.

Would love to hear your ideas or recipes for a good mood!

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