Empowering Your Relationship


Last weekend my husband and I attended Tony Robbins seminar Unleash The Power Within, which by no mean, is the most empowering and incredibly energizing event we’ve ever been to!

It is not enough to say – we’ve learnt a lot, but we were also impressed by Tony’s vision and mission to make this world a better place. Most of us don’t take time to realise that we are capable of much more than we can imagine, and therefore miss out on a lot of opportunities in life. Tony Robbins coaching makes us aware of the choices we make every day, and how powerful we are to make any change in our life possible.

One of the most important needs in person’s life is growth. It is required in every area of one’s life. As per Tony, everything in the universe either grows or dies. In relationships, you can never stop learning to better understand your partner and create stronger connection with them.   

I am blessed to have a partner who understands and shares my beliefs, and supports me in anything I do. Every day we evolve as a couple, and strengthen the trust and passion we have to each other.

Everyone deserves to live in harmony and union of souls with their partners, but not everyone will… due to fears preventing us from being who we are. Due to fear, we often become trapped in a stranger’s life, looking at it from the outside incapable of changing anything.  

The quality of your life is based on the quality of your standards. As you grow – you create new / better standards in life. By looking at the 5 keys to achieving what you want, you define you standards and aspire them:

1.       Ask specifically. Know precisely what you want.

2.       Know your reason Why you want this.

3.       Take an action to change this or ask someone to help you.

4.       Check the progress – see what you are achieving.

5.       Don’t give up, change approach (if needed) and ask until you get what you want.

Most people don’t ask specifically and give up too soon, therefore fail to receive what they really need from their partner. No matter, if you want to empower your existing relationship or create new one, make sure you know what it is you want and what you tolerate in life. You must not lose your true self, trying to become someone who you are not in order to receive love.  But it doesn’t mean you have to stop your growth. In order for things to change for you, you must change first. By making yourself a better person, you contribute to the world and give back to the ones you love!

Communication is another substantial aspect of life, which is incredibly important in relationships. Partners have to take time to understand each other’s needs and perceptions of life, so they can concentrate on creating a better future together.  

·         The quality of your life is the quality of your communication.

If you wonder why your partner left you, as in your opinion you gave her everything! But, was this “everything” what she truly needed.

Make sure you listen to your partner and pay attention to their needs and values. Remember that men and women are different in their communication styles. With women, you shall learn to read between the lines. While women shall remember that men always mean exactly what they say.

If you do what you did in the beginning of relationship – in the end of relationship, there will be no end of relationship!

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