Enjoy Your Life No Matter What!

 Photo by  David Hilgart

Photo by David Hilgart

No matter if you are in relationship or looking to attract the right partner – it is important to think about life, analyze it and ask yourself if you know what you truly want from it. Do not let anyone or anything to stop you from discovering the beauty of fulfilment and prosperity.

Live a life like this was a last day, like there were no worries and problems. In the end this is your life and your choice what to do with it. You can choose to go through each day as a survival field, fighting with fear and anxiety. Or you can simply enjoy every single day – no matter what happens. 

There is somewhat unclear in our attitude to life and its magnificence. We tend to be so overwhelmed with daily routines and not notice that life is in fact happening here and now. There is always something to look forward to. But why to delay a real cheerful feeling to some moment in the future, why to wait until some magic appears and we suddenly start feeling better and happier. Believe it or not –but there is no such moment in the future. Reality is not somewhere, covered under unknown obscurity; it is here, today, now. It is up to us what to do with it. We may completely ignore it and pretend everything will be good. And indefinitely wait for this. Or we may get up, not in a minute, but simply now, and act! Do that whatever you always wanted to, but never started doing. It comes from a mere acceptance of a fact that all of it depends on you and on only you.  Just make a decision and you will feel a relief. It might be scary at first place to agree to put that big weight on your shoulders. Indeed, it is, but it should not scare you of. This decision doesn’t only bring heaviness, but also a great feeling of power. When you accept it is up to you what to do with the life – it makes it easier to do a next step. It will not make you wait. Different thoughts and ideas will invade your mind. Such attitude makes future much more clear rather than a hope for better.  Add to it a strong faith and feel even greater power of your own choices. It is as simple as that. It opens a lot of opportunities which you overlooked before. It gives you the energy to overcome any difficulties, to win any fights, to find solutions to any problems. Just do the first step, and feel the difference. It is your win and you can be proud of yourself.  Everything in this world is done on purpose, no matter how small or big it seems to be. Think of your own purpose, what is that you want to change and simply do it. It may happen – there is no need for change, but just happiness, which was not accepted before. Indeed, many people do have cheerful and joyful lives! But probably they are too busy to notice. And this isn’t about money, success or pride.  Sometimes it is enough just to have a hug from a loved one to feel support and care. Or be helpful to other people. Even your minimal involvement might mean a lot to them. It makes life fulfilling, thrilling and exciting. And it is definitely worth the effort.

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