Good Enough vs Great – a Big Choice to Make on the Way to Happy Relationship

 Photo by  Julia Manzerova

I am blessed to be married to a special man. And I mean it. He might be just an ordinary guy to someone else, but for me he is the best in all ways. This is how everyone should feel about his or her significant one. We should not be together because of any other reasons, rather than feeling that he or she is the right person for us. Only when you feel extraordinary with this person, should you commit to spend a lifetime together. However, it cannot be because society dictates so, or family thinks it is a right decision, or friends advice… There are plenty of people who think they know better than you do. Whilst the truth is – only your heart can decide whom to be with and share your life with. This person must be great for you and no compromise allowed.    

I figured out the difference between good and great in my own love experience. Before meeting my husband, I had a series of unhappy relationships and could not understand why it kept happening to me or what was I doing wrong. I looked at my partners from an excessively analytical perspective. If he was smart, tall and did not smoke – it was already good enough for me. This is how I ended up in a long-term relationship that was “good enough”. I didn’t trust my feelings warning that he might be not the one I needed. My logical mind blacked out all my other thoughts and made me follow what seemed the right path to go. I spend 3.5 years convincing myself that I’ve made the right choice and I would be happy for the rest of my life. But it didn’t quite work out the way I’d expected. I accepted the person for being good enough with expectation of turning him into the one I wanted him to be. I spent endless hours trying to change his habits and desperately trying to make things work for us. Which was not fair for him either. As I was the one pretended to be in love unconditionally, which I discovered was not the case after all. I committed to that relationship for all the wrong reasons, and didn’t realise how hurtful it could be for both of us. 

Luckily, this experience made me realise what exactly I want in life and who I am looking for. I knew he was supposed to be special for me, and I shall not compromise on any of my needs.

We all would know when we meet the One. If this hasn’t happened yet, it doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong, you just need to trust your feelings and remain open-minded. Love comes to those who believe in it.  And by all means, everyone deserves a truly fulfilled life in a romantic and beautiful relationship, knowing this person is exactly right for them.


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