Who Run the World? Girls! International Women’s Day

Happy Couple UK International Women's Day

8th of March – International women’s day.  Since I was a child, I knew this day was special and I cannot help it, but feel excited about it each year. If it makes you feel the same – you probably come from either Eastern Europe or China :)

When I moved to the UK, I was very disappointed to find out that not only my husband never heard of Women’s day before, but also most of my work colleagues and friends. They said it sounds like Mother’s day, but that’s not the same. I am not a mother yet, but it does not mean I don’t want to celebrate a beauty of being a woman and be reminded of a feminine side of myself from time to time! I miss the whole atmosphere of this holiday back in Ukraine. All streets are full of colourful flowers, pretty gifts or little teddy bears that make the city marvellous and smell of a fresh spring breeze! On 8th of March women receive flowers and cards from work colleagues, from secret school boyfriends (too shy to reveal their existence), from husbands, brothers and fathers, and even from each other! This is the scale of true celebration!

Although my husband wouldn’t think of giving me flowers on Women’s day, he still does it every year! Because luckily enough, we have one more occasion to celebrate as we actually met on this exact day 6 years ago and have never been apart since :) ! We love celebrating this special day as our first date was far from a typical one and we have lots of memories to laugh about every time we remember this day (but this is a story for another time).

Anyway, being in the UK, I am very happy there are other women sharing the idea of Women’s Day popularisation here. As proved by yesterday’s amazing event, organized by women for women! Business and professional women who gathered to share their wisdom and honour our feminine power together. Thank you, ladies, again!

Women’s Day is also a suitable occasion to remind our strong halves that we are still vulnerable, no matter how hard we try to mask it. We are still tender creatures, in need of support and understanding. We still want to be loved and looked after. Moreover, we still love appreciation and admiration of us for who we are. So, let us be at the Goddess pedestal at least once year and break the boundaries of modesty while celebrating our beauty, magnificence, unpredictability and even weirdness if you will!

                                                                                      Good occasion to have breakfast in bed

                                                                                     Good occasion to have breakfast in bed

Happy Women’s Day, Dear Ladies!

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