It is all about Christmas

Happy Couple UK Christmas

There is no better topic to write about on Christmas Eve. Christmas is all about love, happiness, great feelings and exciting emotions!

It was incredibly beautiful experience to watch everyone in the last few days, running around in a search of the late present’s arrangements while in preparation to something amazing and significant! This time of the year pretty much everybody shares the pressure and at the same time the pleasure of the Christmas shopping, family meetings planning and a general holiday rush!

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Offices turn into more than ever friendly environments, where everyone’s job seems to be sharing the plans for the following few days of celebration! Everybody’s meal preferences become a public knowledge and different cultures traditions are being exchanged and applied wherever possible!

I love everything about this holiday since childhood, even though in my home place it is all about New Year. We have a New Year tree instead of a Christmas tree, New Year presents and New Year’s Eve when the family gathers around a big festive table. Unfortunately it is not so an ingrained of a tradition to spend New Year’s night with the family like in the Western world it is for Christmas. That’s why I think I am lucky to be able to follow both traditions now and appreciate the beauty of each world. Especially being in London it feels magical to be a part of the sweet madness happening around! Christmas lights, markets and wonderlands already make you feel like in a fairy-tale, besides carols singing and mulled wine :)  All of it is worth looking forward to!  

Happy Couple Christmas gifts

But the most important is that it is a perfect occasion to show our loved ones how much we care, how important it is to have them in our lives and how much we value the time spend with them. Tomorrow the city will be empty, the rush will finally be over… and everybody will enjoy the cosiness of the family home sharing a favourite traditional meal together. What else can be better!
I shall only say how grateful I am for being able to share a Christmas turkey with my husband! (Especially taken he is cooking it :) )

Happy Couple UK Turkey

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