Summer is Coming. Time For Joy and Play in Sunshine!


Being an organized person, I rarely let any spontaneity in my life let along our family life. Usually all weekends are planned months in advance and it is even hard to squeeze a long Sunday sleep in. However, last weekend I was yet again reassured how nice it is to let go of any plans, appointments and rush, and do whatever I feel like in the current moment, depending on my mood, the weather outside or anything else affecting me right now. I might decide to do nothing at all if I wish so. What kind of freedom is that! No pressure, no obligations, no regrets! Loving it.  

Taking about the weather, London is a unique place where sun is almost a treasure. It doesn’t shine very often but if it does – you better make sure you enjoy it outdoors. Whether it is a picnic with friends or quiet book reading at the park bench, or even lunch outside of the office during a working day. All counts!

I cannot say Raff and I are very active people. We love all kind of activities but have no outdoors hobby or passion in particular. I was always jealous in a way of the couples who climb mountains together, run marathons or cycle for miles across the country. On another hand, I am happy we are in this together, meaning we both agree being lazy and prefer “mild” approach to our free time spending. Therefore, when we choose to do anything slightly more active than usual – it is pleasure and excitement for both of us.

Last weekend we went on a bike tour of our neighbourhood. Shame on us, living in this area for a year, we haven’t explored it yet in details. It was too far to walk, maybe… :) Finally we dusted off our bikes and spend the whole day cycling along the canals and Thames, stopping in a couple of parks and enjoying the sun. Obviously, now we decided to do it more often! Let’s see where it takes us.  

happy couple gifts for him
happy couple gifts

A couple of weeks ago we ended up walking around London in search of mini-statues of Shaun the Sheep. A bit too childish – that’s my part, I need to reconnect with my inner child, you know :) With a few beer and cocktail stops, this trip turned into a fun adventure we both enjoyed and felt silly about.

happy couple gifts for him

The point is whatever it is you prefer doing, your own style is what matters. It builds up your family individuality with your own little traditions and habits that make married life more joyful, relaxed and sustainable.

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