What is it You Need in an Ideal Vacation? A Few Tips on How to Be Best Prepared!

As we recently came back from a holiday, let me talk about vacations a little. What is an ideal vacation for you? How you would like to spend those precious well deserved few days off work… By default, I usually want to cover plenty of activities at the same time. Sometimes I feel like two personalities fight within me – one loves active and dynamic life style, the other one would perfectly enjoy a week of lying at the sofa (maximum – with a book in my hand!) with no sign of blame whatsoever.

So, when choosing a holiday, the biggest concern that emerges is what personality to satisfy this time! In addition (the harder part) I need to harmonize it with my husband.

This time we both opted for a lazy option – beach, palms and all-inclusive package! What else is needed for happiness! As appeared – a few things! (Surely, the list fully depends on whether you are a man or a woman :) !)

  1. The first one and, by far, the most important – is “quality time” together (or how everybody else calls it – sex!) Guess whose priority is that… After a casual home habit of 3-4 times a week, the demand suddenly increases to twice a day! Better to be prepared to this :)
  2. If this wasn’t enough – having a big (my way of calling it) photo camera, we shall take more pictures (taken, my husband has recently chosen photography for a hobby!). Hmm, obviously, the best pictures can be taken only when wearing bikini. Every situation or pose gets used against you!
  3. Next one, from a woman’s perspective – I wanted to read a book and quietly enjoy the sunshine. Well… I could do so, but only while posing for another photo shoot, so none of us risked being bored, or course.
  4. Again, to satisfy the point #1, we couldn’t eat too much at my favorite “eat as much as you want” restaurants! I was trying to apply a simple rule – the food will be still there tomorrow, your body shape will thank you for this. But didn’t always work…
  5. Staying awake through half a night when the only thing you want to do is to sleep for 10 hours! But you are not going on holiday again in the nearest future, right? So you better enjoy this one fully and don’t miss a thing!
  6. As it usually happens in the southern countries – everybody likes dancing which might even look sexy in the moonlight (or maybe it seems so after a few Pina Coladas)! Anyway, a good tip here – to take a few salsa classes before the next holiday :)
  7. Be able to say “No” to another cocktail coming your way becomes a useful skill starting somewhere from day 3, again useful to satisfy the tip #1.
  8. Being able to keep your activity level at least at the lowest minimum! Such resorts make you extremely lazy. Think about it, someone cooks for you, and brings the food to your seat, someone cleans for you, someone makes you a drink and so on and so forth. You can literally spend the whole day with not a single move! To avoid this, we managed to go on a bike ride once, and I did my water-aerobics (only because the trainer looked really hot ;) )
  9. Manage your expectations on the way home! The flight is actually long enough to remember your real life, and make sure you are ready to the routine again and not fall a victim of “vacation blues”, not sure though if this could be avoided.

Well, I hope you have some holiday plans in the nearest future, except for eating Christmas turkey with the family! I guess, at Christmas time, over-eating is one definite thing that cannot and should not be avoided! Enjoy! :)

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