As a couple we understand how important it is to make an effort to keep the relationship working. We know that loving relationship is not something you can have once and forever, instead it requires constant attention, care and perfection on the way. Therefore we never stop searching the new ways of pleasing and impressing each other. This makes our marriage intriguing, fresh and more loving with each day. And we are proud to be an inspiration for others to make an effort and celebrate the beauty of being together (or love).

Happy Couple was founded in 2013 by a married couple Olga & Rafael following a simple vision of providing an alternative to couple’s entertainment and leisure time spending. Our products are designed to allow lovers to take a break from today’s rushed and overwhelmed world and enjoy themselves out of time.  We are passionate about enhancing couple’s love experiences and helping them open up to experiments. Our sexy gift sets are a beautiful combination of provocative / seductive and romantic ideas to explore together. Every couple deserves to feel like at their first date and return a fresh spark of burning desire into relationship. They shouldn’t wait for a special occasion to surprise each other with a romantic treatment.


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